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Get the Alien Gains experience with our training programs, designed to get you real results. Choose between a 3-day and 5-day plan with a 12-week guide crafted to keep you engaged and to suit your training regime.

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Training programs to choose from:


Increase muscle mass whilst maintaining your physique in this program designed to get you pumped. With a focus on high volume and less reps, this plan ensures you increase strength and size.


Perfect for those who want help in sculpting their bodies by shredding body fat. Exercises will have you focusing on key training areas including target sets, supersets, dropsets and cardio.


The nutritional aspect of the alien gains programme is just as important. No matter your goal, you need the right fuel to make it happen. This meal plan has been constructed and personalised to each individual to keep you energised. Simply input your details and we'll work out a meal plan with the right calorie intake specifically for you.

In the meals section you will find:

  • 200+ mouthwatering recipes
  • Cooking instructions
  • A shopping-list for each week
  • High impact protein snacks
  • The choice between 3,4 or 5 meals a day

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